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Wholly Wonder

I’m compelled to talk about the wonders of the Wholly farm today – after just one hour clearing my head walking just a small part of the countrywide here in Gloucestershire a few weeks back.

The cows here get to enjoy nature at it’s very best in my eyes. We naturally have the rainfall and various soil types which help us to grow grass for an incredible mammal that utilises it to the fullest to produce the most amazing whole-food that we can drink and eat in various forms.

I only wandered a few fields and tracks today, but they are all used in the farming operations. Each are surrounded by thick hedgerows bursting with life. The mini-beasts I couldn’t number, the butterflies in abundance – I watched a gatekeeper butterfly hiding from me by closing her wings to look like a leaf, then opening them to reveal her beauty.

The grand Oak was majestic, the Copper Beech allowing the cows to shade. The hedges made up of many different shrubs and trees, are showing off their fruit now, the spiders are busily spinning their webs around the grasses, vetches, and clovers. The herbal leys are feeding the ladies, and providing a snug bed for them to lie down in.

I sat on a tree stump thinking how lovely and quiet it is, but actually it wasn't at all - the buzzing, tweeting, bustling sounds totally surrounded me - it is just AMAZING! This world is just AMAZING (Genesis 8:22)

And now, as we head into autumn, and soon winter - we can expect a very different landscape, its getting cooler, the grass growing less, the leaves falling, the cows are in - I love to remember these warmer days and look forward to the spring. But I always remember, the importance of each season, just as in life - its ever-changing, but ultimately GOOD!

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