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It has been a while since we issued a blog on Wholly goings on, so here goes! We will try and issue these more regularly as we go through the year, ever mindful of resource and time - best laid plans…


First and foremost, regular customers will have noticed by now the changes we have made to the front of the shop, replacing our tiny ‘walk-in’ retail room, with an outside hatch.

When we started the business 4.5 years ago, converting the old oil shed into what is now our production and retail room, we could have scarcely foreseen the space issues which came upon us last year.

As we have increased the size of our production to meet with growing demand as well as increasing our supply to local businesses, the need to ‘separate’ the retail from our production area became ever more pressing. So the new hatch enables us to serve all our products and purposes in the one space, without need for staff to “conflict” with the production room behind - much more satisfactory for all parties.

We also hope that in busier months, the new hatch will offer a quicker throughput for those waiting, with customers able to place their order at the first window, and then move across to the second window to pay and collect, allowing the next group to be served. Of course, as we have always done, we will open the cart as an additional point of sale in exceptionally busy periods.


In 2022, we produced 132 different flavours and variations, many of which were new additions. At the turn of the year, the production team challenged themselves to creating at least one new flavour every week for the whole of 2023…Not a task to be underestimated, as we are very particular about the flavours we create, whether they fit in with our ethos of as local and as natural ingredients as possible, and so on. But we knew this challenge would keep us motivated each week and allow us to be creative - some of you may have tried some of the new flavours already, rest assured, more are on their way!

As our production has become more efficient, we can now offer a greater range of takeaway flavours than may have been the case in

recent years, as well as ensuring that the most popular flavours are more readily available each time you visit. We have produced a ‘core range’ of 24 flavours for which we will always endeavour to have an ample supply. “Special Tubs” will be available on a case by case basis, but please ask in the shop when you visit.

We will not always have takeaway tubs of every flavour we do, but we will try our best to offer as wide a range as we can. Remember that we have a growing selection of sorbet flavours to takeaway, too - just ask in the shop when you visit.


The long-awaited opening for Gloucester Food Dock will soon be upon us - we are working on the understanding that we will be open in June, and much work and preparation is going into this exciting new venture! As we approach 'game day,' we will give more details on our plans, our products, opening hours and so on. Partnering alongside a number of other fantastic local business, with a diverse range of food and drink on offer, this really promises to be a uniquely independent food offering in the heart of the city


On the farm, we largely remain in our “winter routine,” but with warmer temperatures and grass growth on the horizon, it won’t be long before the cows will be out grazing in the fields, and the spring/summer routine will take over. It has been an interesting winter, especially with the cold snap we “enjoyed” before Christmas. Freezing pipes bring no end of joy to the staff, but everyone was up to task, if a little chilly in the process. More farming updates to come in the next blog!

We have, like so many, loved series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm - what an entertaining yet crucial spotlight he has put on the ups and downs of the farming industry, and the ever growing need to diversify and think creatively in order to survive. Whatever people’s opinions on the individual, the issues are hard to ignore.


Away from the farm and the Gelato, there will soon be some new additions to the Wholly Hobbs family. Will & Emily and Sam & Vicky are both expecting their second children, due in April & June respectively. Elsie and Jesse cannot wait to be big siblings and to each have another cousin to play with/annoy!

Will & Emily had four days in Rome in January, using up delayed flight credits from their COVID-affected honeymoon - a beautiful city, plenty of sightseeing, with a bit of market research thrown in for good measure - ‘When in Rome’ and all!

Grace had been itching to get Ollie skiing for years, and finally she managed to drag him off the farm, out of the parlour, and on to the slopes - needless to say, he was hooked, and thankful that both returned from France safely in one piece, it will probably not be long before they’re itching to go again!

Jenni & Jerry will be getting away soon, before their brood of grandchildren doubles in size in a matter of weeks!

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