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What is Gelato ?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What is Gelato and why do we make it?

Gelato is Italian style ice-cream; it is made with a greater proportion of whole milk and less cream and egg than traditional ice cream.🥛We are all about our cows and their lovey fresh and free-range milk.🐄 This is why Gelato was born here, as we wanted milk to be the star of the show, and allow for the clean, pure taste to shine through each flavour.⁣

We believe Milk is a wonderful whole food, with an immense amount of nutritional benefit. The farming process has a major influence on the end- product that lands in your fridge, and then, more rightly, as fuel to your body.⁣

This is why we are passionate about our farming practices, the health of our herd and the impact it has on the environment. These all play a part in producing good quality milk.⁣

Milk provides essential protein, contributes to better heart, bone, mouth and teeth health. It includes healthy fats such as omega 3s and CLA’s, lots of calcium, iodine and B12 for vital growth and development.💪⁣

This is why are proud to use it as our main component at over 65% of the base recipe, it is lower in fat than most ice cream (4-8% fat in gelato). Having less fat allows the flavour to come through more and leave less of a butterfat covering on the tongue, leaving a clean mouthfeel…making you feel less guilty for having that third scoop!🍦🍦🍦⁣

We've had lots of feedback from customers who've said they couldn't drink milk before but can drink ours! 🤗 One reason for this is that our cows produce milk with a higher proportion of A2 beta caseins than A1 which is more common in most supermarket milk. Science is now showing how A2 is much more friendly to gut health (doesn't upset your stomach).⁣

Our “plain” gelato, which is far from plain, is called Wholly Milk (you can guess what it tastes like), is the same as the Italian flavour ‘fior di latte’ (the flower of milk).🌼 This has no added flavours and is the perfect accompaniment to any other flavour or any sweet dessert. If you are someone who needs more gusto then we are always making various, wacky flavours, some seasonal, some all year staples, but all using the best quality and natural ingredients.

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