April 18, 2017

It is now a month since our cows went out in the daytime to grass.  The weather has just been fabulous, the grass is growing like...well like grass does!  They can't wait each morning after milking to be out the fields.  I can't express just how you never get bored of the sight of these beautiful big girls being out, enjoying the sun on their backs, doing what they do best in Spring...eating, socialising and lots of sleep.

April has been busy, planting autumn crops, getting ready for silaging, tidying the farmyard after the winter months, visits from the Bishop of Gloucester, new students wanting placement work, people wanting to talk about Free Range Dairy and great first conference that was held in Stafford.  I am currently working with Emily to try to start a new project on farm processing where we can hopefully produce more lovely dairy products.  It is all go, go, go and we love it.




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