New Year - new diet?

January 3, 2017


A new day, a new year, and always a few new years resolutions.  The farm is hoping this year will bring a little more fun back into dairy farming.  We all should have more moments of enjoying our job than we have in the past few years, don't you think?  When working with animals (people say you shouldn't work with children of animals), you need to have a sense of humour, we think we know our girls, but girls do tend to have minds of their own, and as with all females - definitely they have very different moods.  Sometimes you have to just have a little patience, and the more patient you can be with the girls the more you will enjoy your job. 


We hope that this year will bring much needed value back into the industry where welfare should be first and foremost; but to be able to bring high welfare there needs to be real value in what we do.  You can't devalue our girls, you therefore shouldn't allow anyone in the supply chain to devalue their milk.  We need to ensure that 2017 and all the years that follow brings meaningful returns back to the farmers who produce great milk.  If anyone saw Food Unwrapped - 'diet special' this week they will have seen how the healthy countries of the world with the least obesity, don't get fat by eating the right fats!  Australians don't freak out about eating butter and whole milk  - they just ensure they eat plenty of fruit, veg and quality meat with it.   Apparently this is how they get that 'beach body'.  So the message from us to you this year is to eat well, exercise, pay a little more for good food, but don't overdo it!  That way, hopefully the producers of this great grub will be able to stay in business and ensure they do a good job for man and beast.



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