Do the Right Thing

November 23, 2016

For every buyer out there talking about sustainable food, fairtrade  high welfare, their love for animals, slow food , good food, sourcing ethically here's something you need to know.  We are real people who produce the food that you use. We too have to pay the rent, buy the straw, pay the staff, harvest the winter food and every day is the same.  Christmas, bank holidays and weekends the same work, another day to milk the cows and ensure they have a high quality of life. 


We have to love what we do or we wouldn't do it.  


Here's a challenge for you; if the buyers and those that source your produce for your stores, cafes, restaurants really care where your milk comes from, make sure they pay a sustainable price that you know gets passed back to the farmers who produce it. If you, the business owner cares where your milk comes from make sure your buyers source well - it's not just about the price - nothing of real quality is CHEAP.


It never ceases to amaze me how those end users love to talk about where they source their coffee beans, where they source their bananas, where they source their sausages, but say nothing about the milk.  We have faced an unprecedented 2 years of extreme low milk prices and there is a growing movement of farmers and processors who are trying to put the value back into the pint and make sure that the animals and farmers who produce it get their just reward.  It isn't easy when the supply chain blocks the consumers getting what they totally agree with and believe in. 


Ask the question; do you know if the milk you buy is from herds allowed the freedom to graze?  If the answer is NO then find a supplier with a pasturepromise label.  DO THE RIGHT THING.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT most of us are not receiving what it costs to produce this milk but we need to build a movement that ensures sustainability for man and beast.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!



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