Cream, Butter, Milk and Cheese

November 11, 2016

It's a day to remember the lost and we will remember them.


It's also one of those days where news breaks and you think WHAT DID THEY EXPECT!  Today the national media is reporting that there will be a shortage of cream, or butter or cheese for Christmas!!! 

For two years the farmgate milk prices has plummeted to prices we received in the 1980's.  Did we really expect farmers to produce milk at a loss forever?     We want to continue to keep our cows and to ensure they get to produce milk with the basic freedoms that cows deserve - GRAZING -  and still produce plenty of that WHITE STUFF for the nations cuppa.  We also, as farmers love to see our products being enjoyed at Christmas - we do this for YOU and we definitely appreciate the fact that you love it.  So we are asking consumers to fight back and lobby your retailers to ensure that there is fairtrade for UK farmers to ensure we stay in business and continue to provide you with high quality milk.  We also would like you to lobby for clear labelling to enable you to distinguish which milk you buy.  If you care about cows staying in fields for a minimum of 180 days you need to make it happen, and we have every faith in you - you know best, you know what you want and you can ensure you get it!    So here's a big fat RASPBERRY to the supply chain who've let you down and let too many UK dairy farmers go out of business and here's to you the general public who will fight to keep smaller family dairy farmers in business providing FREE RANGE milk to those who DEMAND it.




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