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Emily produces artisan, Italian-style gelato made fresh from our own milk produced on the farm.  The flavours are evolving and ever changing, reflecting the seasons and her interest in fresh food and fascinating flavour combinations

We always have an abundant supply of our customer favourites, such as Wholly Milk (our 'fior de latte' - creamy, pure, fresh, clean flavour), Milk Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel and many more,but also offer a variety of weekly and seasonal specials.  We ask our customers to enjoy and explore the seasonal and sometimes quirky flavour combinations - it's what makes us unique

We always post the flavours of the day on social media, which can be found below.  Opening times here

Wholly Gelato is made in small batches, which we believe contributes to its fresh, delicious taste.  But, you're the customer, you try it and decide

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It's made here, on the farm - yards from the milking parlour.

It doesn't get fresher, you can see the cows that produce it (when they aren't in the far off pastures).  You are in amongst the countryside, feeling, hearing, sniffing, seeing the real thing 

new life - chick
flora and fauna
Spade, Mug, Wholly Milk

100% MILK

Ollie wanted to bring our Wholly Cows special milk to you and he invested in a milk vending machine to do just that.  It is gently pasteurised and unhomogenised.  It is how it should be, with a creamline or shaken to mix it.

Buy a glass bottle for £2 - bring it back and re-use it every time.  You can add a shot of syrup (50p) to make a delicious real milkshake (coins required for this).

For the vending machine, you can use card or coins. Our milk is £1.40/litre

We hope you enjoy it  

Lactose intolerant?

You may be able to drink our milk!

Read a testimony here

Exterior or Wholly Milk Shed

The Ice Queen

Emily, the gelato queen. Her passion for real food, and great milk brought us Wholly Gelato, made on farm with it's own Free Range milk

Fav Flavour
White Choc Lavender

Lavender and white chocolate gelato

The Milkman

Ollie, owner of Wholly Milk, drinks a LOT of it.  He is the vending king and heads up marketing, social media,droning and photography!  Ollie studied Agriculture BSc at Harper Adams

Fav Flavour
Wholly Milk

wholly milk  gelato

The Planner

Will, (Emily's husband) brings a whole new set of skills.  Keeping us up to speed with where we are at and, where we are going.  Super-organised and helps push us on.  Can eat anyone under the carpet!

Fav Flavour
Orange Zest

Orange Zest ice cream gelato close up.jp

Amazing Grace

Grace (Ollie's wife), the friendliest of faces behind the gelato counter.  In between always ensure the vending machine is fully stocked. Grace studied Vet Physio at Harper Adams and loves animals large and small

Fav Flavour
Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate gelato

The Sweet One

Rose, our assistant gelato producer also keeps us topped up with hand-made caramel, ripples, nut pastes and so much more. Her skills in this are being honed whilst studying confectionery at college

Fav Flavour Bakewell

Cherry Bakewell.jpg

The Farmer

Jerry, original farmer and ideas man. He has been living and breathing the farm since 1970 - loves rugby, reading all things agriculture - fount of much of the farm's knowledge. 

Fav Flavour Banana

wholly scoop

The Voice

 Jenni, runs the accounts, gelato  scooper, social media. Hobby - talking

'Whoevever sows generously, reaps generously'

2Cor 9-6

Fav Flavour Liquorice

Liquorice Gelato Ice Cream

The Herdsman

Mike, proud Yorkshireman earning his keep in Gloucestershire - milks the cows twice daily and ensures the girls are kept in the best possible shape . Away from the parlour, loves cars, gaming and Gelato shakes!

Fav Flavour Any Shake



Where do you begin? They say farming is in the blood, and I guess it must be. We have been at it all our lives – in spite of all the associated challenges, the passion to farm, produce great food, to love the land and the countryside, the animals and the seasons, is something that never leaves us. 50 years since Jerry arrived from Tetbury, and Jenni from Thornbury upon marriage, the next generation are continuing the tale through gelato and milk vending.


Jim (Jerry’s dad) came to this tenanted farm on the Elmore estate from Tetbury in 1970 with a handful of Friesians, from which Jim and Jerry slowly grew and cultivated the now, 180-strong herd we see today – a family of different colours, breeds, sizes and ages, all with their own quirks and foibles. We farm approximately 350 acres and our cows graze freely during the warmer months. We firmly believe that our cows are healthier and happier when grazing outdoors, living just as nature intended.


We sell our milk under the Pasture Promise banner, in collaboration with Free Range Dairy, an initiative which gives the consumer the choice over the product they buy - importantly it is a scheme where smaller family farms who allow their herds to graze for at least 6 months a year collaborate and work together to keep a more sustainable, traditional method of dairy farming alive .


Wholly Gelato and Wholly Milk are also members of the Happerley Transparent scheme. Free-range milk is naturally higher in CLA’s and other nutrients such as omega fatty acids, all of which can significantly benefit our health. The milk also carries a high percentage of the A2 gene, which has made consumption possible once again for those who thought they couldn’t have it – see Lorraine’s testimony.   We sell the majority of our milk to a local family dairy - Cotteswold in Tewkesbury under the Pasture Promise label.


We feel truly blessed to farm the wonderful countryside of Gloucestershire’s Severn Vales. We love the land, the animals, and in line with our Christian faith and values, try to do the best with the resources we have been given.


We look forward to sharing our story with you when you visit.

The family Hobbs